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I'm a critical optimist and advocate of social innovation.

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Co-Founder and Creative Director of NGO El Desafío Foundation.
Founder and creative strategist at Because; a creative strategy agency specialized in bringing people together to create positive social change.
Promoting cycling at Fietsersbond.


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How Oliberté, the anti-TOMS, Makes Shoes and Jobs in Africa

For many - for me obvious - reasons I have never liked the over-hyped TOMS Shoes. I don’t want to get into the issue here, because I think Oliberté deserves better. I just love their concept. Oliberté Footwear is the first to make its premium leather footwear exclusively in Africa. And their shoes looks great too! Setting up a good business does not have to be that difficult. Although I am sure it is not too easy to do what they are pulling off right now. True (social) entrepreneurs don’t choose the easiest way. And don’t use their way of working as the core selling point or just simply for marketing reasons. Props to Oliberté!


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